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The Premium Potato Chips

Discover the savory world of potato chips with our premium brand!

At Backers, we take pride in crafting our own delectable potato chips packed with irresistible flavor and crispy goodness. As a leading potato chip manufacturer, we also go beyond the ordinary by offering private-label options. From start to finish, we deliver exceptional quality, ensuring each chip is a delight for your taste buds. Experience our exclusive line of Red Hot chips, hailed as the ultimate snack sensation. These sizzling treats were even featured in Maxim Magazine's February 2008 article 'Chips, Ahoy!' Trust us to elevate your snacking experience with our expertly made, flavorful potato chips. Choose Backers Potato Chip Co. for a chip experience that is nothing short of extraordinary.

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Featured Products

A bag of german style potato chips.

Backer's German Style


A bag of crackers with a label on it.

Backer's Sour Cream

A bag of potato chips with the name backer 's on it.

Backer's Regular

A bag of potato chips with the name backer 's on it.

Backer's BBQ